[:en]Ajwa Dates: A Variety of Dates in Saudi Arabia[:]

[:en]Ajwa dates in saudi Arabia[:]

[:en]When we talk about Dates, the first and foremost variety of Dates that comes to mind is Ajwa Dates. Among the several varieties of Dates that you can get your hands on, Ajwa dates in Saudi Arabia are considered to be very healthy. Its not just the health content that makes them so desirable, but the pieces of Islamic religious texts that make them popular. They are considered to be a very special variety of Dates that can not only enhance your lifestyle but keep harmful diseases at bay. Ajwa Dates have some religious significance too.

Dates originate in several parts of Arabia, which render them specific characteristics. Ajwa Dates are no exception. These Dates are originated in the Madina unaware region of Saudi Arabia. Often times, these are referred o as Ajwa Al Madinah Dates. This makes them a staple of this region. Ajwa Dates are a soft, luscious variety. They are also known for the tinge of fruitiness in their flavor and a smooth texture too. Also known to be one of the most expensive Dates on offer, Arabian traders of Dates would tell you that people don’t ever hesitate to dent their wallets for these amazing Dates.

These world-famous Ajwa Dates in Saudi Arabia are considered as the dates from paradise. There are a number of reasons why it is so. First things first, their taste, brilliant color, and texture alone can convince of the same. According to Arabic literature, the Ajwa dates of ‘Aliya’ are known to contain heating effects that act as an antidote in the early morning. Ajwa Dates are cultivated mostly in the Madina Tayyiba region. Most of the export happens to Europe, Australia, and Asia. Ajwa Dates are held in regard as one of the best Dates in the world.
The climatic conditions in Saudi Arabia impart the distinct flavor and color to these Ajwa Dates. The humidity, too, plays an important role in these Dates tasting so perfect.

These Dates are known for their high percentage of proteins, minerals, and vitamins. Vitamins A, B1, B2, and BBin Ajwa Dates help in building up the body tissues and muscles. Regulated blood sugar levels, better brain, and ocular health are some of the widely known benefits of these Dates. They have enough energy to keep you going through a very busy day.

The health benefits, mythological significance, and amazing texture of Ajwa Dates make them so desirable. Some religious scriptures also say that“If somebody takes seven Ajwa dates every morning, he will not be affected by poison or magic on that day till night.”Ajwa Dates are chock-full of healthy fiber, minerals, and vitamins. The soluble fiber in these Dates helps to draw water into the digestive tract. This can relieve the body from problems like constipation. The iron content in Ajwa Dates has the potential to prevent anemia. The list can go on for a while, making these Dates one of the best Dates to come out from Saudi Arabia.[:]

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