[:en]The Amazing Benefits of Dates for Hair[:]

[:en]the amazing benefits of dates for hair[:]

Dates are a wonder fruit that provides several health benefits. The sheer vitamins and minerals present in Dates make it an extraordinary choice for daily consumption. While Dates can help nourish the skin, they also promote hair health and the benefits of dates for hair. Just 2 to 3 Dates a day can result in stronger hair in a short amount of time. This is because Dates are rich in iron, which in turn helps improve blood circulation to the scalp. This helps in faster hair growth. Iron causes proper dispersion of oxygen to your entire body, which ultimately prevents hair loss and stimulates the growth of new hair. Your hair follicles and roots get strengthened, preventing breakage and loss of hair.

The abundance of vitamin B in Dates plays a major role in treating hair loss. With the regular consumption of dates, the roots of your hair and the hair cords become elastic and strong. There is also the palm oil, which when applied on your head promotes longer and thicker hair. Date palm oil produces visible changes in hair growth.For people with rough or dry hair, Dates are the ideal solution. Massaging the Date oil gently for about five minutes and letting it stay for about half an hour followed by a cold water wash or shampoo is proven for better results.

Dates are also known to reduces Split Ends and Hair Breakage. This is especially true in cases of a lot of women today, who face acute hair breakage. This may be cause because of a poor hair routine, improper diet and maybe poor weather at times. Dates are the best solution to these problems. With essential nutrients such as vitamin A that promotes beautiful hair, Dates control hair damage and split ends. They also smoothen out the cuticles. Some experts also suggest infusing Date oil with olive oil and jojoba oil for even better results.

Consumption of Dates can make yourhair Dark And Shiny. Dates are an amazing way to get dark, thick, attractive and shiny hair. There are a lot of factors that weigh in for rough and damaged hair. Date oil helps give your hair a shine from your roots to the tips. Your hair can become very silky and smooth. Date oil can also be mixed with your favourite mousse or serum before applying over your hair. You will be left with locks that have become much more shiny and beautiful after a hair wash.

A lot of us today are fed up with the incessant hair fall we face almost on a daily basis. Just one brush through your hair and the amount of hair falling off is disturbing. This often spoils our appearance and confidence. Dates can prove to be a natural remedy to get stronger, thicker, and beautiful hair. Including Dates in your daily diet can hence produce significant changes in your hair health and this is one of the best benefits of dates for hair. Be it consuming Dates directly or using Date oil, your hair will never be rough anymore and you can flaunt it with confidence.


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