Dates Export From Saudi Arabia

Like all major commodities that are being imported and exported among nations, one such commodity is Dates. The staple fruit of Saudi Arabia, which the people pride themselves in, Dates are a wonder fruit. They are regarded as one of the healthiest fruits out there. And rightly so. They are filled to the brim with nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and healthy calories. This is one of the reasons why there is a huge Dates export from Saudi Arabia to many other countries. Grandeur Product is one such exporter of high-Quality Dates in Saudi Arabia.

They are the hallmark of Arabian Dates, with their almost overwhelming range of Dates. They deal with several varieties of Dates that are desired and demanded worldwide. Dates originating from several Arabian regions are part of their inventory. Not just that, their Dates often have an interesting touch to their already rich flavor. For instance, they have stuffed Dates, which are infused with exotic ingredients, elevating the taste to a whole new level. Then there are Dates with dry fruits, which again are a combination loved by a lot of people. Chocolate covered Dates, too, are part of the Dates export from Saudi Arabia.

Grandeur’s export is primarily based in the European and Australian sub-continent. These are regions where they primarily trade-in and have an established customer base. The wholesale Date trade has made Grandeur hugely successful with their amazing line of products. People experience the authentic Arabian taste and tradition with each bite of these wonderful Dates. Their lovely color, luscious texture and great taste are what make their Dates one of the best ones from Saudi Arabia. As there are many types of Dates in Saudi Arabia, Grandeur Product export one of the most desired Dates. 

People in the European and Australian regions are the major consumers of Arabian Dates. Dates provide enough energy to make you power through a day’s worth of work. This is one of the reasons why Dates are so desired, as it can enhance their busy lifestyle. Dates fit in your diet really well, by adding just a few every morning, and a few before sleeping could do the trick. This way, you will have energy all day every day. Dates can drastically improve your lifestyle and also put an end to hunger. They are also the potential fruit of the future.

Then there is the fibre content, which Dates are most renowned for. With these levels of fibre, you can say goodbye to any intestinal problems or irregular bowel movements. Date fiber can help regulate your gut health like no other fruit out there. Dates are also rich in minerals like Calcium, Potassium, Iron, Selenium, etc. These minerals keep your brain, bone, and ocular health in check. All these benefits by consuming just a few of these wonderful tastes every day. Again, one of the reasons giving way for a large Dates export from Saudi Arabia.

Some of the most popular Date varieties are Ajwa Dates. These are loved by a lot of people as they taste great and have a lot of nutritional value. Then there are Mejdool Dates, which again have a very interesting flavor and tremendous benefits. Sagai Dates have a very luscious texture and the perfect amount of sweetness. Then there are Sukkari Dates, that are the sweetest Dates out there. Hey, can satisfy your sweet tooth and also keep you from the ill effects of high blood sugar. Mamool is another Date confections that are constantly in demand. These are Dates covered with classical Arabian cookies, that are made of several kinds of flour. 

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