Famous Dates in Saudi Arabia

Famous Dates in Saudi Arabia

When you think Saudi Arabia, you think of the vast expanses of deserts with huge sand dunes, oases in between with palm trees, and a coffee table with the finest Arabic Coffee accompanied by the finest Arabian Dates. Yes, Dates are one of the signature treats of this exotic region. Famous Dates from Saudi Arabia are known all over the world for their surreal color, amazing texture, and great taste. They are the hallmark of what the finest Dates should be like. There are several varieties od Dates that you can get your hands on, depending on how you’d like o to have your Dates.

These Dates can be classified based on their texture, their sweetness and also by the level of nutrients and antioxidants in them. Dates are not only a very tasty fruit, but a rather healthy one at that. The health benefits of Dates are unparalleled when compared to any other fruits. Dates can provide energy like no other food. By incorporating a few Dates in your diet, you can experience an enhanced lifestyle and the energy to get through your busy days with ease. Dates hence are a truly wonderful fruit from Arabia.

Now, there are several varieties of Dates that come out of Saudi Arabia. These varieties differ from each other based on several factors. First of them being the regions in which they originate. Different regions have different temperatures and humidity that impart a peculiar color, taste and texture to these Dates. The sweetness of Dates is also a factor that weighs in while differentiating the kinds of Dates available. You can choose from a wide variety of Dates that originate in and around Saudi Arabia. There are certain Famous Dates in Saudi Arabia that are very well known and in demand all over the world.

The most renowned of Arabian Dates are Ajwa Dates. These have a mildly sweet flavor and a soft texture. These are also some of the healthiest Dates that you can have. Another popular variety of Dates is Mejdool Dates. These are known for their burst of flavor and fruity flavor to them. Sagai Dates have a flavor and texture that is imparted by their origins, the Arabian Peninsular regions. These are the desired variety of Date that has a very unique flavor and sweetness to them.

Then there are Sukkari Dates, which are some of the sweetest Dates you can have. Their texture, too is peculiar. They are crunchy and soft at the same time. The color of these Dates, too, make it easier to tell them apart. They have a brilliant shade of golden surrounding the base of the Dates.

Then there are exclusive, exquisite Date infused confections that come from Saudi Arabia. For instance, there are Dates that are infused with exotic dried fruits and berries. These treats are packed with calories to the brim and have a very exotic taste. Then there are Dates infused with coffee. These treats are the true definition of indulgence at the highest level. These treats have a heavenly, melt in the mouth texture and flavor.

There are Mamool Dates, which are Dates covered in traditional Arabic cookie dough for the best Arabic Date experience. You can also have Dates covered in fine chocolate. You can choose from Dark, Milk, or White chocolate, depending on your taste. Some Arabic Dates also come infused with ingredients like honey, saffron, and cardamom for a more intense and exotic burst of powerful flavors. In short, you can have your Dates in almost any possible way you can think of, which is truly a wonder of the Arabic gastronomy experience.

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