Placing an Order

If you’d like to place an order, find out more about how our deliveries work or where we deliver to, please visit our delivery page

Can I collect or redeem loyalty / Yoyo points on my online order?

At the moment, our in-store loyalty and Yoyo points are only able to be collected and redeemed in-store and not in our online shop. For concerns, write to us at: admin@grandeurproduct.com

Can I use a Planet Organic Gift Card for my online purchase?

Unfortunately, Planet Organic Gift Cards are for in-store purchases only and not for online purchases. For concerns, write to us at: admin@grandeurproduct.com

Existing Online Orders

Can I edit my order?

Although we’d love to be able to amend orders, due to the high volume of orders we are currently processing, it’s not possible to edit your order after it has been placed. This includes swapping or removing items or substituting items that we are not able to send.

Can I cancel my order?

We will accept cancellations within 1 hour of placing your order.  Please email us at order@grandeurproduct.com with the subject line ‘CANCELLATION’ and remember to include your order number. We are not able to cancel your order any later than this.

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