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Dates are a wonder fruit that can also cause wonders for your body and lifestyle. With more nutritional content than any fruit its size, Dates are also one of the quickest sources of energy. By eating just a few Dates in the morning, you can get the power to go through an entire day. Saudi Arabia is one of the most associated names with Dates as some of the best quality of Dates in Saudi Arabia. Now, it also becomes important to understand how the best quality of Dates can be chosen.

Dates can be classified based on where they originate, meaning, the regions from which they are cultivated in Saudi Arabia. Then there is also a matter of the texture of Dates, which can be soft, crunchy, creamy, etc. Also, the color of the Dates is a way to distinguish Dates. It is also important to know from which Date palm a particular Date comes from, which can give more insight into the characteristics of that Date. Date palms in Saudi Arabia are one of the best ones, followed by those in California, Florida, and Arizona.

One of the easiest ways to figure out if a Date of good quality is by observing the wrinkles on the Date. Wrinkles are alright, until they feel soft. Fresh Dates look fleshy and may have a slightly glossy appearance on their surface. As opposed to these, Dates that may have crystallized sugar on them might not be as fresh as you would like to think. Since the hot Arabian climate is the most favorable to grow the Dates, some of the best variety of Dates come from Saudi Arabia.

For instance, there are Mejdool Dates, which are renowned for their impeccable taste. Now there are a few factors that weigh in this case. The origin of these Dates plays an important role. Known originally to have been found in Morocco, they have a certain set of characteristics. These Dates are large, extremely soft and have a strong burst of flavor. Consuming these Dates fresh is important as they have a high moisture content. Dates that can be differentiated on the basis of premium and commercial quality would also tend to make a difference. Premium quality Dates, that generate in lesser numbers comparatively, usually have a much superior taste.

Dates are also some of the most versatile foods or fruits out there. There is no certain timing to eat Dates. They can be consumed anytime, anywhere. During tea time as an accompaniment to breakfast and before going to sleep. Also, the best time is considered o be early in the morning when eating on an empty stomach. This ensures that your body benefits from the high fibre content of the Dates and regulates the bowel movement. Your gut health is in check with regular consumption Dates. Fibre is not the only nutrient Dates are rich in. There are a variety of other Vitamins and minerals that Dates offer aplenty.

How to choose the best Dates for you also depends on your taste. Dates these days are available in many forms. There are fine chocolate covered Dates that combine the best of both worlds. Then there are also Dates that are stuffed with exotic dried fruits for added nutrition. The quality of Dates also depends on how much you pay for them and the quantity of the Dates. The best quality Dates would usually cost you a notch higher than whatever price you would be paying for hem on an average at your local grocery store. In all, Dates are a gift to mankind with a taste and texture that is unparalleled.


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