Some Health Benefits of Dates

Some Health Benefits of Dates

Call them dry fruits, call them savories, or simply fruits, Dates have a special reputation around the world owing to their Arabian-African origins. Now mostly originating in Saudi Arabia, Dates have become a staple of the Arabian tradition and hospitality. They are in demand by people all over the word for heir unique taste, textures, colors, and most of all, the Some Health Benefits of Dates they bring along. Various kinds of Dates are rich in several essential vitamins, minerals, and macro-nutrients. Consumption of Dates, daily, can result in better immunity and power to keep you charged for an entire day’s workload.

This makes it an extremely thoughtful gift or lifestyle choice for yourself and those around you. There are several reasons and facts as to why you should definitely include these fruits in your diet. Scientifically known as the Phoenix Dactylifera, Dates are essentially tropical fruits that are known to be grown on the Date Palm trees found in the Arabian regions. With their rich and vivid history, Dates are consumed greatly because of their natural sugar content. This enables a lot of people to deal with sugar-related health issues to stay off artificial processed sugars. There are the Some Health Benefits of Dates-

1. Better Gut(Intestinal) Health

Dates are extremely fibre rich, which means that people having troubles with their irregular bowel movements can benefit greatly by consumption of Dates. A lot of studies associate Dates with the reduced risk of corectal cancer. It is known that the non-soluble fibre present in dates are responsible for reacting with the microbiota present in the intestines. This can lead to reduced chances of colon cancer. This, in turn, regulates the bowel movement significantly. Also, the Ammonia concentration is also known to be reduced with regular consumption of Dates.This gives way for a better lifestyle and gut health.

2. High levels of Anti-oxidants:

Another reason why Dates are so well known are its high concentration of anti-oxidants. With a concentration that is high in comparison to other fruits in the category, Dates are seen to take the lead. The importance of having anti-oxidants in your diet cannot be stressed on enough.

Carotenoids are another kind of anti-oxidants present in Dates. They are widely known for being able to reduce the chances of macular degeneration greatly. This in turn can take care of your ocular health. Apart form this, carotenoids can help deal with issues related to the heart.

One of the anti-oxidants present in Dates are Flavonoids. These can aid your body by resolving several problems. Known mostly for their anti-inflammatory properties, these are also capable of reducing the effects of chronic diseases like diabetes. Another major benefit of Flavonoids is the better functioning of your brain and the reduced risk of brain diseases like Alzheimer’s.

3. Improved Brain Functionality:

Regularly consuming Dates has been proven to be beneficial to reduce the IL-6(Interleukin 6) levels. These can otherwise lead to the development of deadly degenerative problems like Alzheimer’s. An element known as the amyloid-beta protein is present in the Date palm that reduces the production of brain harming plaques. This in turn also regulates the generation of cells responsible for brain functioning. Another important issue that Date consumption resolves is reduced levels of anxiety. This has shown o also improve the memory and learning capabilities in humans. 

4. Facilitates Natural Labour:

One of the most prominent advantages of Date consumption is higher chances of natural labor during delivery. Pregnant women these days are highly prone to some complications during their pregnancy, leading to more cesarean procedures. This is where Dates can help to facilitate a smoother pregnancy from the later stages right up to the delivery. Regular Date consumption has shown for a need for lower pressure that has to be applied during delivery. Reduced time of about 4 hours is also seen with women who consume a normal amount of Dates.

5. Helps Fight Diabetes:

Diabetes treatment has a reputation of being a painstakingly long process. The primary use of synthetic medicines for the same with insulin supplements is tedious. Also, these methods can prove to be rather expensive, even after severely threatening the overall health. There is also a huge risk of side effects. Dates can significantly increase insulin production in the body and also reduce the rate of absorption of glucose from the intestine. This in turn can reduce the level of blood glucose levels , which can be beneficial for diabetes patients. Dates are an excellent natural substitute for several synthetic medicines.

6. Promotes Bone Health:

These days, a lot of people are prone to weaker bones and conditions that can negatively affect bone health. Strong bones become very necessary when growing up for several reasons, mostly for the amount of stress they will be inevitably subjected to. Even in cases of accidental trauma slight falls every now and then, it becomes crucial to have stronger bones to minimize the impact. There is a high concentration of micro-nutrients Some Health Benefits of Dates like magnesium, selenium, copper & manganese. The micronutrients are highly effective in regulating bone health and treating critical bone conditions likeosteoporosis.

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