Types of Dates in Saudi Arabia

Types of Dates in Saudi Arabia

Dates are the mystical fruits coming from the land on vast expanses of deserts and oases. These exotic fruits are enjoyed by people all over the world. With their rich taste, stunning color, and amazing texture, these fruits are more than just a pretty treat. The real story lies behind the amount of nutrition each Date packs within. These are extremely healthy and can really improve your lifestyle. By including just a few Dates in your diet every morning can give you the strength for the most arduous of days. Also, available in different Types of Dates in Saudi Arabia.

There are a staggering number of Date varieties that are available around the world. Saudi Arabia has been a pioneer in promoting these Dates to a whole new level. Dates are now wanted by people from all over the globe. There are several Types of Dates in Saudi Arabia coming from different regions of Saudi Arabia. Nowadays, people can also get their hands on high-quality dates that come infused with several other ingredients. There are Dates that are covered in fine chocolate, ones that are infused with dry fruits, with hints of spices like cardamom or saffron.

They are not just a great addition to your lifestyle but are also ideal gifts for special occasions. And thoughtful ones at that too. Date varieties can be classified based on several factors. These may include the phenolic content of Dates, their color, their shape, and also their texture. Dates originate from several regions in and around Saudi Arabia.

 One of the most popular Dates from Saudi Arabia are the Ajwa Dates. These are especially popular due to their fresh, fruity taste. These are also one of the most renowned varieties of Dates out there. The high fiber and mineral content that it packs makes it a very healthy choice in your diet. Also, these are very popular as a gifting product. Safawi Dates are another great variety of Dates. They are known for the hint of mild sweetness in their taste. For a lot of people, these are the perfect balance of sweet and healthy. This is also the reason why these are extremely popular among today’s generation of health-conscious people.

Mejdool Dates are an interesting Date variety that is known for their intense flavor. The burst in flavor that occurs is one of the major reasons why it is loved by people so much. They have a good amount of fiber content that helps regulate the important functions inside the body. Also, the amount of energy that they can provide is amazing.

A special variety that is worth mentioning here is the Sagai variety of Dates. These Dates are loved because of their unique texture. It is a combination of soft and crunchy at the same time. Grown mostly in the regions around the Arabian Peninsula, these are a truly luscious treat. Even the color of Sagai Dates can help tell a little about its origin. They have a shade of golden around their base, which makes it look the part.

For people with a sweet tooth, Sukkari Dates can prove to be a perfect choice. They are known to be the sweetest Dates coming out of Saudi Arabia. Sukkari Dates do not only have a terrific taste but also have a long list of health benefits. For people experiencing blood sugar problems, Sukkari Dates are the perfect addition to their lifestyle. These Dates are free of Fat, Cholesterol, and Sodium. Sukkari Dates have a hint of caramel flavor & are creamy.

Arabian people didn’t just infuse Dates with chocolate. There are delicacies called Mamoul, which are essential cookies that cover the Dates. They have a classic Arabian taste and are available in several flour options. A truly scrumptious treat, Mamool Dates are very unique and have a taste like nothing else.

Chocolate covered Dates are available in several variations, depending on the kinds of chocolate. There are white chocolate covered Dates, Dates covered in milk chocolate too. For those who don’t fancy sweet much, there are Dark chocolate covered Dates too, for a dark, rich taste. These are truly mind-blowing savories, that melt in your mouth and really take you away.

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